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Our Philosophy and Mission


Walker REIG is a reputable real estate investment group that was founded in 2022 by Matthew Walker and his family. Our primary focus is on leasing and managing properties, as well as buying and selling properties, in order to provide our community with affordable and high-quality real estate options. We take pride in being involved in every step of the revitalization and acquisition process to achieve this.


Our strategy involves seeking out undervalued properties in poor condition and renovating them to improve their quality. As our business grows, we plan to acquire more properties and hire additional staff while continuing to invest in our local community for its betterment.


Located in the southeastern region of North Carolina, our team has expertise in syndication, financing, leasing, sales and marketing, repositioning, property and asset management, renovation, and disposition.


Our seasoned and efficient leadership team takes an entrepreneurial approach to achieving our goals. We have superior real estate knowledge, work hard, and are resourceful.

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